time to post videos again,maybe?

I had no idea that posting videos had such an effect on search engine rankings. According to the graphic below,they increase your odds of showing up on the first page by 53%  I don’t know if it’s because reputable websites tend to use videos more,or if it’s because sites that post videos actually are more reputable.  Maybe since people like videos so much they end up paying more attention to sites that have videos. Who knows,but I’m definitely going to keep that in mind when I’m maintaining my own niche websites.  i think I’m going to do an experiment starting next week,on one of my more popular websites.  I’m going to begin posting videos and see how that affects their traffic.  Wouldn’t that be the natural result of increasing search engine rankings?  Wouldn’t you hope so at least,right?

So now I’m looking at all of my websites a little differently and asking myself how I can use video to increase their effectiveness.  What about you?  Can you use videos to boost your site’s credibility and increase the traffic?  Today I’d like to issue a challenge to all of my readers.  Start posting videos on a regular basis and watch your traffic grow.  Let me know how it works,too.  Also,have a beautiful day :)

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