WAHM Writer Message Boards

Maybe I’ve already made a post like this somewhere,but the topic came up again today on one of my favorite WAHM writing message boards,so I just had to share. Here are some message forums that you can use to network with other wahm writers. Share leads,talk about the wahm writing industry,and ask for help with those last few articles you need to submit.

WAHM Online Magazine “Moms who write”forum

Work at Home Mafia “Join The Family”The site is just a year old but it’s a great resource,with message boards that are very helpful

Work Place Like Home was also recommended. I haven’t joined it yet so I can’t see anything at all. I’m linking it here because I trust that the gal who recommended it knows her stuff and because if it’s here I can remember to come check it out in a few days:)

Absolute Write- this is the link to their front page,I thought that their forums were called the Water Cooler,I couldn’t see that on the front page so I don’t know if they changed the name or if I’m crazy. Ok- I’ll admit I have issues,but I usually remember word combinations. Absolute Writer water cooler- hmmmmm???

Finally,the Warrior Forums have helpful resources for affiliate marketing and web design. This one is good for web designers as well,Webmaster World.

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