Watch what you wish for –wishpot wtf???

At the risk of being booted from the ranks of the B-list bloggers,I have to say that I signed up a long time ago for wishpot,in some sort of contest or promotion. I was really disturbed to find that my entire blog had been recreated on their website,with a sidebar of THEIR google ads.

Right there in the Terms of use it says

you grant Wishpot a nonexclusive,royalty-free,perpetual,irrevocable,and assignable right to use,reproduce,modify,adapt,publish,translate,create derivative works from,distribute,and display such User Content throughout the world in any media. You grant Wishpot and its affiliates and sub-licensees the right to use the name that you submit in connection with such User Content,if they choose. We can publish all or teaser portions of your User Content online and offline and permit others to do the same. We ask that you refer or provide links to Wishpot if you choose to republish your User Content elsewhere and that you do not publish the same items of User Content on both Wishpot and other product or service review or recommendation sites.

The hell I grant that sort of wish,what was I thinking?

Other than gaining totally free content for their website,what was the purpose of this again? I don’t remember what benefit I was suppsed to have received from this involvement. Anyhow,I’m not happy about this and if you have signed up there,i recommend you go check out that crazy contract and see if you really like seeing your work duplicated on someone else’s website without compensation. WTF????

I mean,not only does it give THEM permission to republish my stuff,but it also gives them permission to give permission. So they could totally be selling my blog posts without my knowledge OR PAY. No f’ing way..

ALWAYS read your contracts. What a dope I am. And they’re not too cool either,come to think of it. What on earth are they thinking?

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  • That’s fraud. Fax Google a DMCA complaint ASAP:

    I would also suggest writing a related Twitter post,ezinearticles post,eHow article,Squidoo lens and HubPage,and mention it in the eHow forums,just to get the word out. I’m a new blogger,but I will link to your article.

    Thank you for posting this to warn others. I had no idea this could happen!

  • Jeeves

    This is lame. You do not sound like you even know what you are talking about.

  • I also signed up there,but never could see what the benefit was. Sorry you got burned. :(

  • Kim,I don’t think it’s fraud when it’s spelled out in their contract. I GAVE them permission. I just didn’t realize because I didn’t read the contract.

    Jeeves- huh? duh?

    Mommycracked- I don’t really feel like I got burned,I just feel like that’s a bit of a rotten way to get web content and if I had read their terms I wouldn’t have signed up. I’m not sure what the intended benefit of this is. I don’t know why someone would WANT their entire blog reproduced somewhere.

  • Oh God.. Isn’t that awful.. I never realised the importance of reading all those terms and conditions and would simply click the little box. I know about plagiarism and how to deal with it,but not sure if this falls into that category since they have your apparent approval! So,what can one do in such a situation??

  • Well,maybe I’m slow,but isn’t “user content”the reviews and such that you post on their site? Those terms are similar to sites like eHow,where they can promote their site with someone’s user name and article excerpt,or entire article,even after it has been deleted,so that a user can’t mess up their promotions.

    But how did that allow them to plagiarize your blog?

  • Wow…just…wow. I am really bad for not reading the fine print but I am going to start!

  • Jeeves

    have you not seen this on –syndicating your blog –tons of social network sites have this option.

  • Having it as an option is far different from simply discovering that it’s happening without your knowledge. (Or in my case,because I failed to consider every word of the contract)

    The goal of this post was to remind people to read their contracts,hopefully no one else will learn the hard way.

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