What’s your process?

Asking myself this question has totally changed my business model. In the past,I’d approach every new client wondering “what will they have me do?” And now,I approach each client with “This is what I do”and instead of sitting there at every new meeting wondering if there’s some way I can help these guys,I sit there mentally applying my process and I find that by the time the meeting is over,I have an actual assignment. I know what I need to do and how long it will take.  My new clients are getting a much better experience,and thank goodness because I’ve totally raised my rates for web design.

The process described in the image below is similar to what I’m doing. Research,creation and publication.  I have a few different packages I’m offering to new clients and I’m building in some automatically-renewed “subscription”type maintenance agreements.  I’m also purchasing the domains on their behalf,so that if,for any reason,their business goes down the drain,I can still profit from their domain. So far in the past three months I have reclaimed like 5 old client’s web domains and they’re all profiting nicely for me,thanks to the client’s promotion and content,etc.

This is a great gig.  I wish I had been using the process when I first started several years ago.  Live and learn,I guess.

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