Work Today- Paid Tomorrow- awesome!

Wow,so yesterday I signed up for CloudCrowd and spent probably 2 hours exploring their site,reading all the rules and the contract and doing each of the different jobs they have available. Here’s how it works

Job #1- you can scour the internet for terrible foreign websites. We’ve all seen them,they’re poorly translated and unintelligible. Sometimes they’re so funny,like one I found yesterday,Do my Thankfully,it’s actually “domy”bear,they make children’s products,and the English version of the site was horrendous. Most of them were and they were super easy to find,using the instructions they give. The job is to give them a URL,an email contact @ the company and grade the site’s “level of suckage”compared to a US corporate website standards

Job #2- review the site and verify that yes- the URL is real,yes the email is a contact and yes,the english sucks,and to what degree

Job #3- on the company’s “about us”page-rewrite the text so that it sounds like real professional US business writing standards “the company welcome you to come visit factory”

Job #4- go over someone else’s rewrites,compare them to the original to be sure they edited for spelling and grammar,without changing the content and grade them on a 5 point poor-excellent scale

SO- all those jobs are easy,I think FINDING the Chinese websites was my favorite. In my opinion,they need a lot more than a rewrite,though. One factory showed their staff photo- hundreds of young girls,thy might have been in their early 20′s it’s hard to tell sometimes. I remember working in a  Chinese restaurant (Hello Alex and Jen) and the women tended to look like they were 12 for a very long time,so the “factory photo”looked a bit like a middle school class yearbook picture. Then,they had a photo of their dormitories.  I’ve heard horror stories about Chinese factory workers,how they’re trapped,enslaved and treated like prisoners. So to see the factory,surrounded by barbed wire,with a dormitory for the little girls to live in really freaked me out. I understand different companies have different standards and cultural preferences.  I get it. I hope that by opening these sites up to American readers maybe we can find understanding about their practices,so that Americans maybe stop consuming so much stuff,or maybe their conditions improve,or maybe- who knows,I realy believe that only good things can come from increased communication,so we’ll see.

Either way,i haven’t gotten to the best part yet –they did NOT pay me the next day. How is that the good part?  They paid me LAST NIGHT.  Imagine- work today,get paid today,that is almost unheard of in the web-working world.

I plan to hang out there during my work hours today,let’s see what some hardcore,committe time can do on that site. If my “peak speed”ends up being less than the $5/hour I made yesterday I don’t plan to continue,but I know I spent a lot of time yesterday feeling my way around,so we’ll see. Anyway,if you are interested,go check out CloudCrowd on facebook

They didn’t pace anything on my board,click here to get to my facebook profile for proof and have fun,it’s a cool little gig- a lot cooler than textbroker,that’s for sure,since you don’t have to wait a whole month to get paid!

You might also want to check out yesterday’s post, to see how to sign up and my first impressions of this site

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