Writing for Bukisa,One year anniversary

If you haven’t heard of Bukisa as a writing site,it’s probably because it’s not taken very seriously as a source of income.  The site pays on a monthly $/1000 which changes,based on the previous month’s earnings for the entire site. Consequently,crappy articles are paid at the same rate as good articles,and it’s all about “driving traffic”for some writers who get paid more while other writers are writing nice SEO (creating the income)

The current $/1000 is around $3.50 and that’s significantly lower than my Suite101 $/1000 so I’m not about to convert. However,I’m not unhappy with my experience there.

I use Bukisa as a place to house my articles that I just can’t fit elsewhere. I’ve renamed some Demand Studios rejects,I’ve reworked some Rent-a-coder disasters. But over the past  18 months I’ve made $210 for 13 articles. That works out to a little over $16 per article. That’s not so bad.  Clearly,I’m posting less than 1 article a month,so the $10-$20 residual income check I get each month is for basically nothing.

Another cool thing about Bukisa is that you get paid for your recruits. So when people read your articles,if they sign up to write for Bukisa,you get paid.  If you send a friend your referral link,you get paid a percentage of their income (without them losing anything) and the pay scale goes three levels deep. So you get paid for your grand-recruits,too.  I love it because when I need a quote or an outbound link for something,I head over to my recruits’articles because when I help THEM,it helps me,too.  (So don’t just sign up,sign up under me,thank you :)

AND- they have some sort of thing where they want us all to recruit people to add their video and audio files,too.  I haven’t explored that,I’m not a big fan of the sound of my own voice :)

So if you plan to try Bukisa,please use my referral link and understand what you’re getting into- you need to use good SEO in order to get traffic unless you want to beg everyone on your email list to read your articles. But the residuals come forever and you earn on your recruits.

I haven’t explored using Bukisa as a second home for mature (over 1 yr old) Suite101 articles yet,so far I’ve been using TypeAMom (excellent revenue) and Orato (not so much)

The site also allows out-bound links in your articles,so you can use the Bukisa articles to create incoming links to your other articles,in a roundup post or for a set of articles on a common theme.

The term “massive exposure”in the ad below is quite a stretch,but you can make a few bucks with legitimate recruits and SEO articles you can’t place elsewhere. Good luck :)

Here are some of my Bukisa recruits,kicking butt and earning income. Let their success be an inspiration to you:

Jen Stewart and publishes mostly how-to and parenting related articles.

Tyan Young has been with the site for just a few months but she’s doing well with fashion and celebrity gossip articles

J Geurian specializes in articles about animals,especially dogs and dog training

Tracy Smith is new and her earnings are moving up my chart- she writes abotu saving money (always a hot niche) and family topics

and,to prove that the articles I’m placing there are random…

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