You should totally show favoritism

Seriously. YOU are your business,right. So why shouldn’t your business have YOUR personality?  I’m all fired up,about to color all my backgrounds purple or something. Let me lay this out for you…

You made your business

You love your business

You give your business love and in return it loves you.

Neglect your business and you neglect your FUTURE,your SELF and everyone you love,your goals and dreams. And it makes you unhappy.

So put your heart back in your business. If you see an ad on your site that you object with very strongly,deep in your heart,then TAKE IT DOWN.  That’s all. If you see something on the net that you LOVE- promote it. If your heart has strong feelings about an issue,By all means,

Put Your Business Where Your Heart Is

For real,your heart should guide every bit of business you do. Writers,who are you writing for?  Not yourself,seriously,you WANT someone to read your work. If no one wants to read you,you’ll never make any money. Duh. 

So,how do you want to affect your readers? Wouldn’t you want them to feel joyful and happy afterward?  Informed,happy to have learned something new,or seen from another perspective,or even be inspired to a new fantastic idea of their own?

Share what inspires YOU.  Share the things you find fascinating,interesting,exciting,and just plain GOOD.

Listen to your readers and find things that make THEM happy. Their happiness is YOURS.

That is our job as communicators.

Same thing with photographers,graphic designers,artists,etc.  Use your creativity and talents to spread love,the best way that you can.

ALWAYS think of your reader,or,in the case of other art forms,always think of your audience.  ALWAYS ask yourself if the creation will bring joy to someone.  If not,you must decide to scrap it,in favor of enriching the audience,or publish it,in favor of seeking a REAL relationship with your readers (or audience). Be real. 

Your business exists because you are the amazing person who created it. 

When you put your heart where your business is,your business will pay you in more ways than you can imagine,OK.

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